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From the moment you step into our store you become our guest. We promise to listen to you and understand your individual sleep concerns. What is important to you becomes important to us. As professional sleep experts, our responsibility is to match your needs with the perfect sleep system, as unique as each guest.

Back sleeper? Side sleeper? These are important details to help us match you with the perfect mattress. Whether you sleep on your side, your back, stomach, or some combination of these, believe it or not, makes a difference as to what kind of mattress you need. Should you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain or you experience hip discomfort, we can help you.

This is why we are the “Doctors of Sleep,” it’s what we care about, what we do, what we enjoy. It’s about treating you, our guest, as in individual with real concerns and needs. We all spend one-third of our lives in bed, we deserve the right mattress – the perfect sleep system, almost as unique as a fingerprint. To enhance your life and provides for healthier futures, let us help you achieve a good night’s rest for the rest of your life!

Jay and Mary Hoffmann


Mattress King Owners, Jay and Mary Hoffmann, see the fun side of business on a daily basis. They enjoy every aspect of working in their Billings and Bozeman stores. It’s more than a hands-on operation to this energetic couple, it’s all about family.

Hearing Jay and Mary tell it, “Mattress King is family.” It’s been this way for over 25 years. The family-style environment keeps team members returning to this special workplace year after year. Tashina Recanati insists she’ll be here “forever.”

Team members play an integral part in every Mattress King day. Jay and Mary wouldn’t have it any other way. Confidence in their people allows them to enjoy some time away once in a while exploring new places and spending time with their precious grand-babies.

Jay and Mary, devoted parents of two grown children, daughter Alissa, with the grandkids, and Paul, who has worked in the stores for the past few years, decided long ago that a family can never be too big. There’s always room for more.

Tashina Recanati

Tashina Recanati, the Team Leader plans on staying “forever” right where she’s at. “I’m invested,” affirms this young mother. “I’ll always be involved with Mattress King.” Starting at an early age a dozen years ago, Tashina has literally grown up working with Jay and Mary, owners of Mattress King. “It’s always been a family atmosphere here,” she says, “as everyone is part of the family.”

Martin Husicka

Marty Husicka journeyed to Billings from the Czech Republic while in high school to play for the Billings Bulls Hockey team. While in the US, he earned a college scholarship and now holds degrees in business and marketing. Returning “home” to Billings with stellar skills like this, Marty enjoys helping Mattress King with marketing and advertising campaigns as a team leader. He and his wife enjoy time in the mountains at a family cabin with their dog, Bella when he’s not brainstorming the next big sale.

Laurie Moe

Laurie Moe loves training and walking her big “pound puppies.” This tender-hearted animal lover likes the outdoors so she can walk her furry friends. She moved to the beautiful landscapes of Montana from California where she says her heart belongs. Her beaming smile welcomes you to Mattress King while her attention to your sleep needs helps you find the perfect mattress. Laurie can’t help smiling while saying, “I love helping people.”

Tom Dilts

Tom Dilts counts his lucky stars that “life is pretty good.” Retiring early from a 20-year career in the welding supply industry, he likes to keep busy and he genuinely likes people. This attitude brought him to the Mattress King family a few years ago. “I like helping people get a better night’s rest…period,” says this fly-fisherman, avid kayaker, home-brewer, and super Grandpa.

Jeremy Holst

Jeremy Holst appreciates speaking “face to face” with guests in the store. “I enjoy the person to person contact here,” he says. His background in solving issues in the banking business comes in handy at Mattress King. When guests voice their sleep concerns to Jeremy, he’s ready, willing and able to assist. Of course, if you’ve ever talked to his daughter, you know she keeps him on his toes as well. Just don’t start up a conversation about sports unless you’ve got the time to burn, Jeremy is a big fan of professional sports.

Kaleb Haub

Kaleb Haub attributes his ministry background and internship at Faith Chapel as “the connection that landed me at Mattress King.” He stills serves part-time at the church, however, the ministry work of this young husband and father of three fits in nicely with his new work. “I like the culture of Mattress King,” says Kaleb. “It’s working to serve our guests. It’s taking care of people.”

Lacey Holst

Lacey Holst maintains the order and promotes all things fun. This extra spunky and very fit, mom of four and grandmother of five, keeps the paperwork in order for Mattress King and answers every phone call. She’s taken care of it for 13 years, she’s the secretary extraordinaire. Her smile radiates warmth and kindness so you know you already have a friend before you step foot in the store.

Helen Shandy

Helen Shandy is the newest addition to Mattress King, but she’s no novice in the mattress and furniture industry. She tried to retire from it, but Mattress King’s loving family atmosphere lured her back in. She describes it as “such a joy that there are enough people here that each person gets to focus and find out what they love.” Her five daughters and 3 granddaughters bring her immense joy and her time in sales is no match for the rush she used to get from dirt track racing.

Val Scheafer

“I’m a Bobcat fan, and avid follower,” cheers Val, who leads the Mattress King store in the bustling college town of Bozeman. She established her roots in Bozeman seven years ago after designing the store’s layout. Before moving from Billings, Val put her interior design abilities to good use in the Magic City’s Mattress King stores for many years. Her creative touches transformed what were very nice stores into comfortably chic places where guests enjoy spending time finding the perfect bed.

Jesse Hoffmann

Jesse Hoffmann is a true sleep geek. Mattress King was lucky enough to pick him up as a delivery professional while he finished up college and a 5 year football career on the offensive line for the MSU Bobcats. Jesse quickly realized his passion for “helping people get their best night’s sleep” stemmed from an interest in sleep habits in general. He is fascinated by sleep and thinks his long term goals will include plenty of it. This 6’4″ literature lover will help you find the right bed, educate you a little, and enjoy every bit of the process. Just don’t make him climb a ladder, he’s afraid of heights.


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