Kingsdown Mattresses

Kingsdown Kingsdown & Sleep to Live beds do exactly that. You need a restful night’s sleep to live a balanced life. Mattress King Doctors of Sleep will help you do this.

Sleep will be sweet on your side of the bed designed especially for you while your partner will sleep just as sweetly on the other side of the bed. Each side is specifically designed for individually unique body types. How’s this, you wonder?

It’s all about reaping the benefits of a good night’s rest while each of you sleeps on your individualized custom made mattress! The Sleep to Live line of Comfort Solutions allows you and your partner to share the same bed yet appreciate your individual comfort preferences. (

Our exclusive Bed Match System caters to you and your partner’s sleep needs. You are individuals with different body compositions…with different likes and dislikes. For this reason, we give you Sleep to Live beds custom made for you and your partner. Science and technology unite in offering a sleep system that’s custom made for each of your unique body profiles.

You’ll enjoy the elegant comfort these sophisticated mattresses provide. Yes, they’re elegant yet affordable. Our Sleep to Live custom-built beds cost less than other conventional mattresses. We offer adjustable bed bases and motion-friendly mattresses, too. Now you can sleep together while enjoying your very own comfort preference!

Whether you like a firmer mattress or a softer one, while your partner may prefer one that’s in-between, you can both rest assured you each get the mattress that suits your comfort level.

You’ll appreciate a premium custom-fit mattress that comes with an amazingly affordable price. Let our Mattress King Sleep Experts help you select your desired level of comfort so you can finally sleep to live!

Bed Match System


Our exclusive Bed Match System is designed for you…our guest. Mattress King Sleep Experts are trained in the finer points of assisting you secure a good night’s rest. This is why we’ve invested in this innovative piece of science and technology. We promise to help you reach the pinnacle of healthy sleep by pinpointing the precise mattress for your body profile.

We join the science and technology behind the Bed Match System to help you select the perfect mattress that suits your specific needs. You’ll be relieved to know that you’ll choose the right mattress the first time for the most incredible sleep of your life.

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