Renee & Darryl Sobering

Soberling_150x150 Staff at Mattress King really knows their stuff!

We own Apex Personal Training in Billings, so our lifestyle is extremely active 24/7. Both of us usually wake up with an ache or pain. Now, though, with our new memory foam bed, those aches and pain are gone! Thank you Mattress King for helping us find the firm and comfy mattress that works for us. Thanks, too, for showing us how to elevate our head and knees – it’s very beneficial. The neck pillows definitely help – we’ve noticed the difference! You really know your stuff!

Pete & Debra Nolan

PeteandDebra 150x150 Our mattress is beyond belief!

Our king-size split-mattress bed is beyond belief. We’d buy another one just like it tomorrow morning! The biggest reason we love it is that the medical problems we had before we bought this bed are literally gone. We both sleep better and feel better. Even the special sheets make a difference we’d advise anybody to get these sheets. Thank you, Steve, and all the employees at Mattress King. The guys that came to our home with the bed were neat and clean. You’re all very professional.

Jonna & Thomas Cox

Jonna_Cox_150x150 Hey, Mattress King…We absolutely love our bed!

It’s made such a big difference for us. We didn’t know what a bad bed was until we had a good one! When we’re out of town, we dream about coming home to our own bed. I’m a stomach sleeper so this is the perfect bed for me. It’s comfortable and gives me the right support. For Jonna’s neck & beck problems, even her new pillow from the store helped her immediately. You’ve solved every one of our sleep problems. Thank You!!!

Jacki Wallace

Jacki wallace Best mattress ever!

This is the best mattress that I’ve ever slept on. It’s very soft, but still very supportive. I hate to leave the bed every morning, because it’s so comfy. I would definitely recommend Mattress King to anyone looking for a quality item within a reasonable budget.

Laura Boyer

Laura_Boyer_150x150 Favorite place to snuggle!

My three and one-half year-old son, Josh, loves to snuggle. And, now, our favorite place to snuggle and read is in the bed we bought from you. We call it our “snuggly” bed. We love the pillowtop mattress it’s very comfy! In fact, it’s just right. Also, your salesperson really cared that we ended up with the ideal bed. Thank you, Mattress King, for having the perfect “snuggly” bed for our family.

Beth Paseka

On a scale of one to ten, you’re a ’12!’

Thank you, Mattress King, for the nice retreat you’ve given me at the end of the day. I love my new bed! It’s the most comfortable one I’ve ever had! Plus, working with your salesperson was enjoyable. With no pressure, I was educated and guided through my shopping experience. Your delivery people were very cordial, as well. They worked around my schedule. I can’t say enough good about my Mattress King experience!

Mike and Joscelyn Crane

Perfect mattress!

We wanted to thank you for helping us find the perfect mattress! We don’t know how we ever slept without you!



Donna Miller

I love it…love it…love it!!

My foam bed is wonderful. It’s plush, yet, supportive and when I get up or move around, it doesn’t disturb my husband. Thank you, Mattress King, for caring about my quality of sleep. You’ve always worked with me too find the right bed to fit my budget and my body! This is why my husband and I are life long Mattress King customers. You’ve always made it a good experience for us.

Cary & Marcelle Jones

It’s great to actually sleep through the night!

It’s great to actually sleep through the night! Thanks to our new “Sleep to Live” bed my wife and I are both sleeping better. I needed a softer mattress; one with more cushion. Marcelle needed a firmer mattress to support her back, especially through her pregnancy. She immediately felt the difference from our old mattress to our new mattress. My back hurt so much before and now it doesn’t at all. We both feel better. Thank you, Mattress King. You’ve treated us very well.

Christine Muri

Thank you so much for my new bed and a good night’s sleep!

I’m a working woman with a 16 year-old and a 22 year-old college student at home. Even though my college-age child is just about ready to graduate, my day is busy. In fact, my day doesn’t stop! I also run a daycare business! With this in mind, I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you Mattress King I really look forward to going to bed at night. Thank you, Jay, for picking the right bed for me because I now sleep through the night! I love my new bed! I really do! Maybe it’s the cushy, big queen bed that I like so much or it may be that I’m not having parts of my body, like my arms, going to sleep during the night and waking me up. Those uncomfortable nights are over!!! Thank you so much for my new bed and a good night’s sleep!

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